Albania 2011

no informations yet


Andorra 2011

Andorra has withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Austria 2011

For the first time since 2007 Austria has decided to come back to the Eurovision family.

So far it´s unknown how the singer and song will be choosen. It seems possible that the winner of the show “ Helden von Morgen“, which will start in October 2010 could be the national final in Austria. “ Helden von Morgen“ seems to be very similar to “ Unser star für Oslo“, which was held as the national final in Germany 2010.

Armenia 2011

The Armenain representative will be choosen internal in 2011.

Azerbaijan 2011

So far it´s just known that the Azerbaijani song should be written by an Azerbaijani songwriter. How the singer and the song will be choosen is unknown yet.

Belarus 2011

no informations yet

Belgium 2011

RTBF will hold an online selection. If the representative for Germany will be completely choosen on this way is unknown yet. Also a national final with the best songs from the online voting is possible.

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